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The Architecture Student Blog was founded by students for students. We aim to provide a platform for young architects to share and showcase their work, allowing it to go beyond the studio walls.
The blog started after our final submission, when we realised that we had a only few weeks to display our work at our end of year degree show before it was to be stored as a portfolio and only ever brought out for interviews. 
So we decided to change that by creating The Architecture Student Blog. An online platform where students can submit their work to either be featured on our Instagram page or for an in-depth interview about their project and their studies. 
We interview the students behind the images to discover the concepts that influenced their designs, their influences and aspirations as well as discovering how they achieve their own unique individual style.
Our goal is to provide the best platform for young students architects to showcase but also tell the story behind their work as well as provide advice and guidance as to what they have learnt through the experience. 
Over the past 3 years we have featured students from all over the world and are continually looking to grow. If you would like to be featured then please follow the instructions on our submissions page. 

Coming Soon...

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